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Demonstrating Fiscal and Environmental Leadership

The superintendent position is one of the most critical in education — indeed, in American society. Yet in recent years, public school superintendents are facing increased pressure from a range of sources. Funding has been cut at the local, state and federal level, intensifying the pressure to do more with less. In this challenging environment, many of the factors that contribute to high-quality education are beyond the control of the superintendent.

At Cenergistic, we believe that one factor in our success has been the ability of our energy management programs to restore significant control to the superintendents. Saving energy with Cenergistic lets superintendents deploy funds where they can have the most impact: in teacher salaries, facilities upgrades, infrastructure expansion and enrichment programs. We empower superintendents to demonstrate to their boards and local communities that they are strong, proactive managers of their districts’ financial resources, and good stewards of the environment. Every Cenergistic energy conservation program provides superintendents with the communications and reporting tools they need to show fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Success Stories

California - San Juan Unified School District

San Juan Unified School District
San Juan, CA

  • San Juan USD has earned ENERGY STAR for 50 schools in the district. An EPA official came to a community/press event.
  • Will Rogers Middle School unveiled an 18-foot 400 watt solar-power Sunflower to power small gadgets, etc and provide a hand-on learning tool for students.
  • The district has added to its Cenergistic program with a program that replaces old buses with clean diesel school buses.
  • District communication efforts include informational videos.

Ms. Lori Lewis
Energy Specialist

Ms. Lori Lewis served San Juan Unified School District employee for 13 years prior to becoming the Energy Specialist. She managed the district’s instructional materials department as well as serving as site secretary during that time.

Ms. Lewis has earned certifications for Microsoft and Pertian as well as for high school officiating in volleyball, basketball and softball.

2010 47,234 4,131,277 24% 39 35.21

Washington - Kent School District 451

Kent School District
Kent, WA

Kent School District 51 is in the greater Seattle area.

Cenergistic’s engineers and experts are helping to optimize the district’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to provide comfort and efficiency. Working with the Energy Specialists, they are analyzing interval data and identifying opportunities for savings.

Kent's two Energy Specialists work closely with maintenance and operations personnel to ensure strategic operation while encouraging cooperation from faculty and staff members.

Dr. Richard Stedry
Chief Business Officer

Dr. Richard Stedry joined Kent School District in 2010. He has 37 years of school business management experience and a total of 42 years of experience in public education. Dr. Stedry has held school business positions in California, Texas, South Carolina and Ohio, and as superintendent in Kansas. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Master’s Degrees in Education and Educational Specialist from Wichita State University and a Doctorate in Education from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Stedry taught school finance, school business management and school facilities at the University of South Carolina and Oklahoma State University. He serves as a trainer for school board members in the areas of school finance and school facilities. In addition, Dr. Stedry serves as a consultant to school districts regarding school business operations, facility planning and negotiations. Dr. Stedry is a recognized expert in the area of school finance and has implemented a Cenergistic energy management program in four school districts in South Carolina and California.

2011 27,293 3,541,972 13% 22 44.60

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