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Cenergistic Names Energy Specialists for Colonial Williamsburg

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WILLIAMSBURG, VA — They’ve got big expectations — create $3.3 million in net energy savings for Colonial Williamsburg over the next five years. It’s a big goal, but they’re joining more than 1,400 organizations across the country who have saved over $4.7 billion with the same program.

In partnership with Cenergistic, the energy conservation company, three Energy Specialists are leading a comprehensive energy conservation and management program that brings savings by changing behavior and optimizing energy-using systems.

Each man brings a unique set of skills and talents to his job:

• Ernest Clements most recently served as Facilities Maintenance Manager for CWF, working up from his first position as carpenter in 1980. He knows the buildings and systems intimately. With demonstrated leadership and facilities management skills, he was a natural choice for the program.

• Michael McDowell was a U. S. Air Force Geospatial Production Supervisor for the 36 Intelligence Squadron at Langley Air Force Base. He began his Air Force career as an Aerospace Ground Equipment Craftsman at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. His combination of maintenance and data skills are an asset to energy program.

• Paul Walton retired from the U.S. Army as Lieutenant Colonel, Operations Research Analyst, Concept Branch Chief, Army Capabilities Integration center: Training and Doctrine Command, Fort Eustis, VA. He earned his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Louisville and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. His data analysis, leadership and management experience will be invaluable to the program.

Clements, McDowell and Walton will work closely with Colonial Williamsburg personnel, as well as Cenergistic’s engineers and consultants, providing hands-on training and program supervision.

Cenergistic’s comprehensive support ensures that all components of the plan are implemented and creates an action plan for the system to follow. Every energy use point throughout the organization is analyzed, with continual follow up to ensure that energy is used as necessary, but never wasted. Energy Specialists audit throughout the year during different times of the day and night to ensure that energy-saving practices are in place, and adjust plans as necessary. Energy Specialists ensure all equipment operates as intended, and motivate other system personnel to follow the program’s guidelines.

They analyze optimum practices and settings for heating and air conditioning systems, ventilation rates, periods of occupancy, humidity, transition to unoccupied buildings, circulation pumps, and more. The program is designed to preserve comfortable environments during scheduled activities.

Cenergistic’s consultants cover the range of energy conservation specialties — engineers, certified energy managers, boiler specialists, heating-ventilation-air-conditioning experts, measurement and verification professionals, grounds care, organizational behavior, and more. They make frequent training and implementation visits as needed for maximum savings.

Cenergistic is a technology-powered, data-driven energy conservation company. Cenergistic helps organizations reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and water. Its proven approach is built on a proprietary methodology, which optimizes clients’ infrastructure, improves internal processes and changes behavior to ensure that savings endure. This approach empowers the average client to save 20 – 30% off expected utility bills. For the past nine years, Cenergistic has earned national recognition from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, including the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

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