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We encourage you to learn more about our energy conservation program from the people who know us best: Cenergistic clients.

Check out our client success stories from the Middle Atlantic Region below.

Success Stories

New York - Queensbury Union Free School District

Queensbury Union Free School District
Queensbury, NY

In 2013, Queensbury UFSD earned a $561,000 grant from the State of New York for efficient operational practices, including the Cenergistic energy program.

Mr. Rob Chapman
Director of Facilities

Mr. Chapman has more than 30 years of experience in facilities management for health care and public education. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from the State University of New York (SUNY). He has served Queensbury UFSD for 14 years. He also serves as Vice President of the Community Workshop Resources Board.

2009 3,782 1,305,868 31% 73 35.88

New Jersey - Holmdel Township Public Schools

Holmdel Township Public Schools
Holmdel, NJ

The district’s energy conservation success was featured in a New York Times article. The cooperation of the staff, support of the leadership and daily energy management resulted in a ENERGY STAR 50% Leader recognition as well as Building Certifications.

2009 3,422 570,000 49% 62 64.09

New Jersey - Westfield Public Schools

Westfield Public Schools
Westfield, NJ

With savings well over $3 million, the energy program continues to benefit the district and the community. Their ENERGY STAR recognition has positioned them as a leader in energy conservation in New Jersey. 

2007 5,778 897,514 31% 98 51.67

New York - Mount Sinai Union Free School District

Mount Sinai Union Free School District
Mount Sinai, NY

Constant reminders of how to reduce energy consumption has helped create an energy conservation awareness district-wide. The change In culture and daily energy audits in all the buildings has enabled the district to realize millions of dollars in savings.

2007 2,600 372,320 36% 93 60.03

Pennsylvania - Chambersburg Area Schools

Chambersburg Area Schools
Chambersburg, PA

Chambersburg Area School District’s Energy Program has earned a number of national recognitions, including:

  • ENERGY STAR in 17 buildings, most for three years in a row, for 47 recognitions
  • ENERGY STAR Top Performer Leader in 2010 and 2011
  • ENERGY STAR 20 Percent Leader in 2010.
  • Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School was one of the first National Green Ribbon Schools in the country.
  • 2012 PA Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence
  • Exemplary Program — Shippensburg University School Study Council for 2012

2007 8,365 1,582,732 30% 100 69.85

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