How We Work

Powered by Expertise, Data and Technology

Cenergistic’s method has been fine-tuned with more than 1,350 clients in over 20,000 buildings.

We begin by working with clients to hire one or more dedicated Energy Specialists that will be assigned full-time to the client organization but employed by Cenergistic. Our team of energy engineers and other experts works with these "on the ground" Energy Specialists and other client personnel to identify opportunities for improvement. Together, we implement a program, customized to our clients' needs, to make these improvements happen.

Our approach starts with in-depth, onsite assessments of every facility in your organization. We analyze use and needs at all hours of the day and night. We log temperature, humidity and other conditions important to equipment and facility use. The Energy Specialist will learn how to audit facilities and document the building environment using our comprehensive program.

Based on the data collected, we help our clients build a detailed action plan. The plan identifies energy savings opportunities, establishes priorities and optimizes building operating profiles. It incorporates proven strategies critical to successful implementation.

Throughout this process, our work is supported by our own data-enabled, technology-based tools that document progress and uncover opportunities for savings. At every step of the way, our team of engineers, energy experts and on-site Energy Specialists provide hands-on support, helping our clients become self-sufficient, energy-efficient organizations.

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