No Capital Investment. No Risk. Ongoing Support.

Our guarantee is straightforward: if you do not save at least as much as you invest implementing our program, we write a check for the difference. In other words, it is impossible to lose money in a relationship with Cenergistic. More than 99% of our clients save well in excess of what they invest.

When you partner with Cenergistic, you become a partner for life.

While the term of your contract for a limited number of years, support from Cenergistic lasts for as long as you need it — provided you maintain your Cenergistic energy conservation program. Our energy consultants will continue to be available to provide technical assistance and guidance. If your Energy Specialist should leave, even years after your last payment, we’ll help you hire and train a replacement.

We offer National Training Conferences three times a year for new clients and 25-year veterans alike. It’s your energy program. Our role is to make sure it continues to deliver results for you.

Success Stories

A College Facilities Director Describes the Program’s Impact

Valencia College
Orlando, FL

Valencia College began its Cenergistic program in May 2011. The college is nearing completion of a large new building that will double square footage on its Osceola campus. A new chiller plant was recently opened on the Osceola campus as well.

The program got off to a good early start. Internal communications have been excellent.

Ms. Helene Loiselle
Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Sustainability (Retired)

Before moving to Florida, Ms. Loiselle was Construction Project Manager for North Harris Montgomery Community College District in Houston, Texas. Ms. Loiselle has extensive experience with capital projects and facilities in the private and public sectors. Ms. Loiselle has a Bachelor of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering from the University of Montreal and an MBA from McGill University in Montreal.

2011 23,816 2,077,350 23% 24 53.59

Making a Difference for the Next Generation

First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks
Largo, FL

Located near Tampa Bay, the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks has seen its energy conservation program become an energy conservation way of life. The leadership has seen the positive impact on the budget and the congregation has in turn seen the good stewardship of the church. It’s a commitment to conservation that will be a part of the church for years to come.

2009 5,500 315,500 20% 46 40.50

Partnership Paid Off — to the Tune of $20 million

Weber School District
Ogden, UT

District leadership understood quickly they did not have the expertise or resources to develop an energy program that could achieve significant, long-term savings. However, by partnering with Cenergistic the district has not only saved over $20 million in ten years, but has positioned the school district as a conservation model for the state of Utah.

Mr. Drew Wilson
Administrative Director of Facilities

Mr. Wilson has served Weber School District for 36 years. He was a teacher for 12 years, assistant principal or principal for 12 years and has been a district office administrator for 12 years. He is responsible for new construction, maintenance of 49 facilities, the transportation fleet of 186 buses, custodial services, land acquisition, telephone systems and energy management.

Mr. Wilson earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Teaching degree and Master of Secondary Education degree from Weber State University, as well as his Administrative Endorsement from Utah State University. He serves as treasurer for Greek Orthodox Church.

2003 27,923 4,403,106 36% 120 54.43

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