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Balancing Fiscal Responsibility and Educational Excellence

School district financial executives wear many hats. In addition to overseeing financial operations, watching revenues and expenses, and administering fiscal policies, they are often charged with analyzing contracts and projects for feasibility within budget parameters. They recommend how to use — and maximize — funds. Most critically, they balance the mandate to provide the resources for a top-quality education with the realities of a fiscally-constrained environment.

A Cenergistic energy program can help avoid the painful tradeoff between fiscal responsibility and educational excellence. Our energy conservation programs deliver significant energy savings, freeing up funds for staff salaries, infrastructure improvements and other important purposes. Everything we do is driven by data, and we are rigorous about measuring and reporting results. This means that financial managers can have full trust in the results of their Cenergistic program, and can report these results to the district superintendent and school board with complete confidence. 

Success Stories

Utah - Washington County School District

Washington County School District
St. George, UT

Washington County School District embraced the Cenergistic comprehensive energy conservation program. In just over six years, the district has saved over $8.5 million in energy costs.  

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2011 25,000 4,164,337 25% 30 32.45

New Jersey - Holmdel Township Public Schools

Holmdel Township Public Schools
Holmdel, NJ

The district’s energy conservation success was featured in a New York Times article. The cooperation of the staff, support of the leadership and daily energy management resulted in a ENERGY STAR 50% Leader recognition as well as Building Certifications.


2009 3,422 570,000 48% 87 46.45

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