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Facilities managers play a vital role in creating an environment in which kids can flourish. Yet while our nation’s school buildings continue to age, spending on maintenance and operations (M&O) has not kept pace.

According to American School & University's 35th annual Maintenance and Operations Cost Study, the median school district spends 7.58% of total district expenditures on M&O. This amount is more than 2% lower than the 9.59% spent just 10 years ago. M&O professionals are asked to maintain standards of safety and comfort with old, inadequate equipment and reduced staffing levels. The demands on the facility manager’s time have never been more intense.

Cenergistic can help. By significantly reducing energy consumption, our energy conservation programs free up funds for capital investments, facilities upgrades and other critical projects. At the same time, Cenergistic’s program — with its on-site, dedicated Energy Specialist — provides vital added resources to facilities managers, freeing them to focus on key initiatives rather than routine maintenance or comfort concerns.

Many Cenergistic clients find that our programs extend the useful life of HVAC and other equipment by optimizing existing infrastructure and through professional training for the M&O team. Facilities managers report that our consulting engineers and other energy experts are an extra set of eyes and ears, improving operations and comfort while allowing them to focus on higher-value initiatives.

Success Stories

Michigan - Livonia Public Schools

Livonia Public Schools
Livonia, MI

Livonia Public Schools is an ENERGY STAR Leader and Top Performer. 95% of buildings & facilities in the district have also earned the ENERGY STAR for superior energy performance.

Mr. Joe Harvey
Energy Specialist

Mr. Joe Harvey is a Master Electrician and has served as Vice President and President of his trade union. He also serves in the United States Army Reserves.

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