CORE Benefits

The Hidden Value of Energy Conservation

An effective energy conservation program saves you more than it takes credit for. Reported savings measures the positive effect the program has on the utilities budget while the related benefits of energy conservation are not measured but still provide savings to other areas of your budget.

In addition to substantial energy savings, a Cenergistic program typically delivers these CORE benefits:

  • Capital — Eliminate or defer capital equipment purchases due to proper operation and maintenance. Right-size purchases to meet reduced energy needs.
  • Operational — Reduce labor and consumables replacement costs through efficient operation.
  • Recognition — Demonstrate good stewardship through positive publicity and recognition such as              ENERGY STAR awards
  • Environmental — Conserve natural resources while creating a better environment for your constituents.

Most of these added benefits are quantitative and can be measured while some, like recognition, may be more qualitative. Research shows these hidden benefits can add from 11% – 30%+ on top of energy savings.

Core Benefits

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